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  • It is recommended that all riders wear a helmet. Adults may opt to sign out of wearing one. Riders 17 years old or younger are required to wear a helmet (provided by DHT).
  • Backpacks and bags are not allowed on our rides. We provide horn bags for your smaller items (water bottle, camera, etc.) and bigger saddle bags are available if needed.
  • All riders must follow the trail guide's instruction. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who we feel would put other riders, themselves or our horses in danger. Any purposeful attempt to run or take a different turn will result in disqualification of your ride and you will be instructed to dismount. Most of our trails are not accessible by a vehicle so you'd have to walk back.
  • We don't have running water at our place so please be aware that there is no bathroom available, only a port-a-potty.
  • We accept debit/credit cards via our online booking system only. We are not able to process card payments at the homestead.
  • If there is anything you are unhappy about please let us know as soon as possible! We welcome constructive criticism, so tell us if there is anything we could improve about our tours.
  • Please remember that gratuities are not included in your tour price, so if you enjoy the ride don't forget to kiss your horse and tip your guide!
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​​Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I book in advance or can I just show up?
A: All rides need to be booked in advance, no walk-ins. Reservations need to be secured with a payment. The number of riders for most tours is limited to four so I recommend booking early. Please call, text, or email us if you have any questions.

Q: Where are you located and do you provide transportation?
A: Denali Horseback Tours is located about 12 miles north of the Denali Park entrance in the small town of Healy. Once a reservation is secured, I'll email you a confirmation, including detailed driving directions. We don't provide transportation

Keys to Denali is a local car rental. You can call them at 1-800-683-1239, 1-907-683-KEYS, or 1-907-378-4584. Their web site is www.denalidomehome.com/Car-Rental-Denali.html. Another option is to rent a car via Turo.com or use short term rental services of Denali Jeep Excursions (907-683-5337 or visit https://www.denalijeep.com). 

We strongly recommend making your reservation ASAP since they might not be able to accommodate you on short notice. 

Q: Do I have to know how to ride a horse?
A: There is no horse experience needed, however horseback riding is a physical activity so our guests should be somewhat physically fit and be able to mount (using a mounting block) and dismount a horse, as well as ride balanced. Our one hour tour is recommended for novice riders, kids under 10 years old, and riders with health limitations (please consult a doctor before booking a tour if needed).

Q: What kind of clothes do I need to wear? 
A: Alaskan taiga can be brushy so wear long pants and dress in layers (extra layer and rain gear is recommended - these items can be attached to your saddle). All riders should wear boots or close-toed shoes, preferably with a small heel. Sandals, flip-flops, clogs and open-toed shoes are not allowed. 

Q: Can I ride the same horse as my child? Do I have to ride with my child? 
A: Sorry, no riding double. Minimum age of a rider for the 1 hour tour is 9 years old, for the 2 hour tour it's 10, and for the half-day trip it's 12 years old. On shorter rides I can pony/pull your child's horse if needed, so he/she doesn't have to worry about steering. All children are required to wear helmets (provided by DHT).

Q: Do you have weight limit? 
A: We do not have a weight limit for the shorter tours. You do have to be able to mount/dismount on your own, using a mounting block, and ride balanced. We would appreciate approximate heights and weights of all riders in advance (as well as levels of riding experience) so we can plan which horse and saddle to use for which rider. The weigh limit for the half-day tour is 250 lb.

Q: What time should I show up for the ride?
A: If the ride starts at noon - be there at noon. There is no need to arrive early since we won't be ready for you till your start time.

Q: What if we're late for the ride?
A: If there are others scheduled for the tour, we won't be able to wait for you and you'll be considered a no-show. If it's only your party going riding and you let us know by the scheduled start time, we might be able to wait (how long depends on the length of your tour) and take you on a shorter ride. Full price will still be charged. Please be aware that we might not be able to answer the phone when getting horses ready. If you leave a voice mail, it might be few hours before we'll be able to listen to it. Text works better because we might be able to respond to it quicker.

Q: How long is the half-day trip?
A: This trip is about 4 hours long and is recommended for more experienced riders, since most people don't handle such a long saddle time very well. We take a longer lunch/snack break at an old abandoned trapping cabin, where we dismount and stretch our legs. Bottled water and a small snack are provided; for lunch tours we recommend bringing your own lunch.

Q: Do you take reservations for just one person?
A: Sometimes a rider wants to ride, but can't find any friends to join them. If another group can't be found and the rider would still like to go out alone, we charge an extra 25% solo trail ride fee. This fee does not apply if we can add the solo rider to another group.

Q: Do we get to trot and canter?
A: Our trails are either too boggy due to tundra (and permafrost) or too rocky for faster gaits, so our rides are walking only. 

Q: Do you sell gift vouchers?
A: Yes, we do. Here is how it works:

  1. the donor visits https://bookeo.com/denalihorsebacktours/buyvoucher or clicks
  2. the donor selects what to purchase, but does not book a date/time
  3. the donor pays, and receives a voucher that he can print out and include in a gift card
  4. the person receiving the gift visits the web address printed on the voucher, and books a date/time
  5. the price of the gift is never shown to the person receiving the gift

If a booking can have different prices based on the date/time (ex. shoulder season), the price of the voucher will be the highest possible price for that booking.

Guided Trail Rides into Alaskan Backcountry