Horseback trail rides in Denali
Trail riding in Alaska
Horseback riding in Denali

  Many of our guests come with little or no riding experience. Experienced rider or novice, we have the right horse and the right adventure for you! 

  Maximum number of riders is limited to four, however, sometimes we can accommodate a bigger group. Small group size allows to customize each tour and to help everyone with mounting and riding instructions.

​ One hour, two hour, and half-day tours are offered. If you are not an experienced rider the shorter rides are recommended. All rides have to be booked in advance and secured with a check or online payment (processing fees apply). 

 Dressing in layers is recommended since Alaskan weather can change very quickly! Wear long, comfortable pants, no shorts please (parts of the trail are in a brushy tundra/taiga). You need to wear close-toed boots or shoes, preferably with a small heel. Open-toed shoes or sandals are not allowed for safety reasons.

 Make sure to bring your camera! Saddle/horn bags are provided for small items. There are going to be some great photo opportunities and a good chance of viewing wildlife. 

Guided Backcountry Trail Rides

Providing authentic​ horseback tours with a focus on sustainability, education, and equine well-being

 After introducing you to your horse, you will go through a short safety orientation. Helmets, bug spray and gloves are available. When everyone has been assisted in mounting their horse, stirrups adjusted, the adventure begins!

 During the ride you'll learn about Alaskan fauna and flora, surrounding mountains, gold and coal mining in the area, permafrost and it's effects, life in the wintertime, and what's the best way to cook a moose ;-) If you are more of a "horse-person" let us know, and you will hear all about these Alaskan "ponies", whether or not they like moose and caribou, or what are the challenges of riding at 20 below. 

   DHT is offering riding lessons for local kids that include basic horse care as well as ground work (age depending). One hour lesson is recommended for younger kids; semiprivate (2 students) lesson is $45/student and private lesson is $80. Older or more experienced children can choose a 1 and 1/2 hour lesson instead, the rate is $60/student for semiprivate and $105 for private lesson. 

   First we go over horse safety and then we learn how to properly halter and lead a horse, as well as basics about grooming and saddling. Next step is safe mounting/dismounting and finding a correct seat, followed by balance/stretching exercises. Rest of the lesson is customized to the level of experience of the riders. All children are required to wear helmets which are provided free of charge.

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Riding Lessons